Título del trabajo: Remote Executive Assistant Paid In Usd

Compañía: Northbuilt Construction

Descripción de funciones: **What It Means to Be My Executive Assistant**As my Executive Assistant, you’ll handle daily tasks so they don’t turn into extra work for me.I need someone proactive who communicates clearly and efficiently. You’ll be the link between me, the team, and clients.Your role isn’t just to assist but to make things happen. You’ll manage communications, keep our digital systems in order, and ensure our projects stay on track. You’ll be the person who solves problems before they occur.**About Our Company**I founded Northbuilt Construction in 2015 after realizing civil engineering wasn’t my path. We focus on residential projects.We serve the Denver Metro area, handling projects with the same dedication and care as if we were building for our neighbors. We’re passionate about our work and enjoy the great outdoors.**What I’m Not Looking For**- You don’t live in Latin America and you’re not fluent in English and Spanish.- You wait for directions before acting. If you’re not proactive, this role isn’t suitable.- You struggle with organization and keeping track of things.- You require frequent reminders about tasks.- **You’re not a multitasker.**:- You feel uneasy with administrative duties.- You’re not available during working hours for calls or meetings.- You have difficulty following up and holding others accountable.**What I’m Looking For**This is what I’m looking for in a star executive assistant to help me get things that matter done.- You’re prepared to handle daily tasks to keep them off my plate.- You’re quick on your feet and think on the fly.- You communicate clearly and efficiently.- You’re highly organized and pay attention to details.- You’re comfortable holding me accountable for my pending tasks.- You’re not afraid to ask questions and find solutions on your own.- You’re a problem solver who tackles hurdles head-on.- You excel in organization and detail orientation.**What’s Expected of You**- You are not afraid to face challenges and find solutions.- Always be honest. Keeping me in the loop on tasks.- Be the keeper of order.- Be the frontline and the follow-up.- Foster strong relationships and collaboration within the team.- Always be on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance efficiency and productivity.- Be quick-thinking and agile, able to make decisions on the fly and respond promptly to changing priorities or urgent matters.- Provide proactive assistance.**What You Can Expect of Me**- I will always be available to provide clarity on tasks and expectations.- I will support you in adapting to new systems and processes.- I will provide my collaboration on strategic initiatives and problem-solving.- I will provide regular feedback and guidance on performance.- I will always encourage autonomy and initiative.- You will be my right hand. I will include you in team discussions and decision-making processes.- You’re not alone. We’re a team. We face challenges and celebrate wins together.- I will not micromanage you. I trust my team and their ability to complete their tasks and be responsible.**Why Build A Career At NorthBuilt Construction**- We are a small but growing business and want people to grow with us.- We trust our employees with their tasks and do not micromanage.- We value innovation, efficiency, and a problem-solving mindset.- You will have ample opportunity to learn and have a say in the operations of our company.- We are down to earth and enjoy doing good work.- With growth comes opportunity. We want our team to have a long term career with us.**What You’ll Focus On****General**- Project and task management- Organization and maintenance of digital files and documents- Development and adherence to Standard Operating Procedures- Collaboration and alignment with team goals and objectives- Constant support of the CEO on his daily tasks and communication- Make phone calls and answer phone calls from clients and team members- Precise Data Entry and Maintenance**Construction Management**- Monitor and update licensing and insurance- Material orders and tracking; match material orders with jobs- Schedule jobs with clients, designers, team members, and subcontractors.- Draft proposals based on scopes of work**HR Support**- Employee Records Management: Maintain and update employee files, ensuring confidentiality and accuracy.- Training Coordination: Organize and schedule employee training sessions, track attendance, and maintain training records.**Note Keeping**- Take notes during calls- Take notes during team meetings- Document processes as you complete tasks- Schedule calendar events for the CEO- Set meeting agendas for internal and external meetings**HubSpot**- Update Contacts, Companies, Deals, and Tickets- Log and Track Activities with Contacts and Companies- Maintain pipelines in order as the deal moves along.**Sales support**- Customer Relationship Management: M

Ubicación: San José

Fecha del trabajo: Sat, 29 Jun 2024 22:38:08 GMT