Título del trabajo: Product Catalog Manager

Compañía: 360Training

Descripción de funciones: **Location**: Costa Rica**Summary**:**Reports to**: Director of Product Marketing**Responsibilities**:- Oversee and upkeep the organization’s product catalog, from product conception to all points of sale or consumption.- Responsible for structuring and managing publishing hierarchies and categories to meet all business requirements. This involves developing strategies to ensure products are available only where needed.- Responsible for accurately merchandising and updating products across multiple websites. This entails ensuring that each product is correctly linked to its corresponding product page.- The individual in this role must ensure that products are accurately uploaded into Netsuite, that the Salesforce catalog is correct, and that Dealhub is updated with all product information and pricing rules.- Responsible for quality assurance of product and pricing releases, ensuring that the product is available for purchase in all relevant locations.- Responsible for implementing pricing and promotions across websites and sales channels, including coordinating with the content team and other members of the product marketing team to schedule promotions with appropriate copy. This role entails ensuring continuous availability for promotions or price updates and maintaining a scheduling lead time of at least one quarter.- The individual serves as the governor of all stores related to Marketing, Partner Affiliate, and Reseller marketing. They are responsible for creating storefronts as needed, gathering relevant details, tracking progress with tickets, and coordinating with marketing leadership. Additionally, they troubleshoot issues in product and price synchronization with specific individuals.- Regularly, this individual conducts price checks on our top 95% of products to ensure accurate pricing is displayed in advertisements and other promotional materials. Additionally, on a less frequent basis, they review the catalog for pricing inconsistencies among similar products and collaborate with the product marketing team to make necessary adjustments.- Expected to maintain ownership of the unique catalog of products and possess the ability to articulate the concepts of product merchandising. Additionally, responsible for upholding and designing specific business rules for the release of a new Product Information Management (PIM).- Responsible for organizing training sessions to enhance expertise within the product marketing team on publishing, pricing, and implementing promotions for products. Additionally, tasked with creating comprehensive documentation outlining operational guidelines.**Requirements**:- Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or related field.- Proven experience in managing product catalogs, preferably in an e-commerce or retail environment.- Strong understanding of product merchandising concepts and practices.- Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.- Ability to effectively coordinate with cross-functional teams.- Proficiency in catalog management software and tools.- Experience with product data management systems (PIM) is preferred.- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.- Ability to prioritize tasks and work efficiently in a fast-paced environment.- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.- Familiarity with SEO principles and best practices for product listings.- Knowledge of industry trends and best practices in product catalog management.- Ability to adapt to changing priorities and handle multiple projects simultaneously.- Experience with training and mentoring team members on catalog management processes and best practices.- Strong leadership skills and ability to drive results.

Ubicación: San José

Fecha del trabajo: Sat, 18 May 2024 22:53:58 GMT