Título del trabajo: Middle Angular Software Engineer

Compañía: Golabs

Descripción de funciones: **About the job Middle Angular Software Engineer**: Do you love to create apps and websites with great user interfaces to interact? Do you have the creativity to deliver products that are simple to use and comfortable for the users experience?

In Golabs you can find an engineering team who love those small but important details. They are the kind of team who share their knowledge and experiences. The kind who always is learning newest ways to do things even better than in the past!

Our apps have been used by thousands of people in companies worldwide, but hey! That’s exactly why we are here! To provide our services in fields like entertainment, tourism, healthcare and any other of our clients needs. Also we love to learn about and assist our clients in their business too, because that’s what a software engineer does, analyze problems and solve them.

Cost Accountant Student Worker

The team is growing and if you want to be part of it, please lets have a conversation together, it will be a pleasure!


– +3 years of experience with Angular.js (1.X Version).

– Experience using JQuery Library.

– Proficiency with Bootstrap Framework.

– Experience with Gulp toolkit.

– Familiarity with Razor, C#, and Sitecore.

– Excellent written and verbal English communication skills (B2+).

Ubicación: Alajuela

Fecha del trabajo: Sat, 11 Nov 2023 23:15:09 GMT