Título del trabajo: Linux Technical Support Engineer

Compañía: Foundever

Descripción de funciones: **About Us**Deliver a competitive advantage for your brand with deeper customer connections in the moments that matter.**Job Summary**To efficiently provide high quality and accurate resolutions to customers under stipulated policies and procedures, in a constant evolving environment by offering world class customer support.**Primary Job Responsibilities**- English level (85 %> orally and overall) (Must).- Linux CLI Proficiency (Must).- Schedule flexibility (Must).- Navigation through the bash/dash shells, including o Location of common files such as system logs, mail logs, startup scripts, and user limits- Gaining remote access to other hosts- Manipulation of files and directories, including o Moving, renaming, and deleting- Transferring files between hosts- Comprehension of, and skill in, manipulating file system permissions for files and directories- User and groups or Reading user and group ownership of files and directories- Adding and removing users- Switching between user shells- Using sudo- When to use the root user Basics and good understanding of DBs and scripting**Linux Performance and Diagnostic Tools**- System performance at-a-glance, including o CPU, memory, and disk usage- CPU and disk performance, I/O, and wait times- Open files and open connections- Networking tools o Testing connectivity- Port status**Windows Proficiency**- Group Policy controls- Active Directory general structure – Forest, trees, domain- Editing file permissions- Collecting MSI installer logs- RDP- LDAP- Services**General Knowledge**- DNS – how to query- TCP vs. UDP- Networking/Subnets- Working knowledge of other Unix based operating systems**Preferred**- Python- Power Shell- Shell Script- SQL- SSL- C/C++C#/Java- HTML- XML- JSO**Experience**- Call Center experience a plus

Ubicación: Heredia

Fecha del trabajo: Fri, 14 Jun 2024 22:25:47 GMT