Título del trabajo: Global Design Training Manager

Compañía: Spark

Descripción de funciones: Operating Company: Spark
Location: San Jose,San Jose,CR
Date Posted: May 6, 2024
Req Number: R5019625**ROLE OVERVIEW/SUMMARY: Global Design Training Manager****PRIMARY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES**:
**Create and Execute Learning Technical Strategies**:– Develop and implement learning strategies that align with organizational goals.
– Identify training needs and design technical programs tailored to address them.
– Utilize a variety of learning methods, including coaching, job-shadowing, and online training, to enhance employee skills.**Design and Deliver Technical Training Programs**:– Craft and deliver engaging learning courses, workshops, and clinical and technical design training sessions.
– Effectively communicate training content during rollout and development programs.
– Regularly update existing training materials and execute an annual refresh schedule for all functional programs.**Assess Learning Effectiveness**:– Collaborate with other departments (Software, Clinical, Engineering, etc.) to enhance the design and delivery of training and development programs.
– Provide development feedback and metrics during training, strategic sessions, and assessment sessions.
– Continuously measure the success of training initiatives and make necessary adjustments based on organizational KPIs.**Budget Management**:– Monitor training budgets and negotiate contracts with vendors and consultants.
– Optimize resources to achieve maximum impact.By overseeing our training initiatives, you will play a vital role in driving employee growth and ensuring the achievement of our business goals. Your focus on continuous learning and development will contribute to a skilled and productive workforce.**Job Requirements**:
**Requirements**:– Proven Experience: 7+ years of experience in training program design, implementation and evaluation.
– Technical Knowledge: Familiarity with training tools and technologies, as well as learning methodologies.
– Communication Skills: Ability to communicate effectively with different audiences and adapt content as needed.
– Results Focus: Focused on achieving measurable results and improving employee performance.
– Time Management: Ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines efficiently. Ability to work independently with mínimal supervision.
– Bilingual English/Spanish**Operating Company**:

Ubicación: San José

Fecha del trabajo: Sat, 06 Jul 2024 22:04:31 GMT