Título del trabajo: Embedded Linux Engineer

Compañía: Otsi

Descripción de funciones: Job Description Identifying, analyzing, and resolving CVEs within the Linux kernel and open-embedded packages. Customizing, deploying, and maintaining Linux distributions created with Yocto on various hardware platforms. Enhancing the security and stability of Linux-based systems by continuous monitoring and testing. Interacting directly with the Linux kernel and device drivers to maintain robust and secure embedded systems. Collaborating with customers to understand their needs, crafting solutions, and guiding them through the implementation. Producing technical documentation and instructional materials to support customer understanding and product deployment. Requirements A proven track record with 1-3 years of embedded software engineering. Solid background in Linux kernel development, with a focus on security patches and Yocto project tooling. Proficient in embedded systems, device drivers, and BSPs, and familiarity with major processor architectures like PowerPC, Intel, and ARM. Skilled in high-level programming languages such as C/C++, Go/Rust, and scripting languages like Bash and Python. Knowledgeable in virtualization/containerization technologies, including KVM, Docker, and Kubernetes. Exceptional collaboration skills and the ability to thrive in a team-oriented environment. Excellent communication capabilities, both in writing and speaking. A degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Data Science, or a related field, with a preference for advanced degrees.

Ubicación: Limón, Limón

Fecha del trabajo: Sun, 21 Apr 2024 22:01:30 GMT