Título del trabajo: Devops Software Engineer

Compañía: Golabs

Descripción de funciones: **About the job DevOps Software Engineer**: Youll be managing, enhancing, and scaling the Client’s platform, which turns supermarkets into an intelligent energy management service. You will bring our cutting-edge physical modeling, machine learning, and energy management algorithms to life, creating a real-world impact on the Client’s customers energy savings as well as promoting responsible energy management to combat climate change – all at enterprise scale.


Coordinador De Auditoría

– Strong experience working in Agile environments including substantial experience working with large distributed teams in Scrum or Kanban environments

– Manage, enhance, and scale the Client’s platform. Generate and maintain best practices; design and implement new features; expand to enterprise-scale capability and robustness.

– Create workflows to quickly and reliably release sophisticated software at scale while reducing downtime and risk, from the IoT edge to data analysis services and web apps.

– Engineer reliability and scale into Client’s software, moving from handfuls to thousands of customer sites (blue/green development, staging environments, etc).

– Leverage the skills of the Client’s unique and exceptional hardware/software cross-functional staff to create innovative solutions to physical engineering challenges.

– Directly help develop key software services from the IoT edge to the cloud.

– Generate metrics to drive beautiful and intuitive displays of energy savings data in the Client’s web apps.


– B.S. in any computer science, engineering, or similar discipline (and/or equivalent).

– Proficient/advanced level of English (B2 or higher).

– 2+ years experience implementing DevOps methodology.

– Interested in learning and contributing to a wide variety of software projects, including web backend, IoT edge, creative data analysis, and control using machine learning algorithms.

– An enthusiastic self-starter who can work with mínimal supervision and generates innovative solutions to tough problems.

– Passionate about technology innovation, product development, industrial IoT, and energy storage.

– Experience with Docker (containers, compose, orchestration, etc.).

– Infrastructure automation (terraform).

– Web service building blocks (ex. load balancers, haproxy, nginx, VPCs, etc).

– AWS (Route 53, VPC, IAM, Lambda, S3, ECS, Kinesis, Firehose, CLI, console,Organizations).

– Web security (SSL, authentication schemes, certificate management, VPN, etc).

– Databases: noSQL (mongodb).

– Deployment workflows: CI/CD (circleCI).

– Linux, bash, git.

– REST API design and documentation.

**Nice to have experience**:

– Experience with Kubernetes.

– TDD frameworks (nosetests, pytest, unittest, etc).

– Databases: timeseries (influxdb, Timestream), graph (Neptune, neo4j).

– Multi-tenant service architecture.

– «Cloudnostic» architecture design.

– Basic software development, preferably in Python.

Ubicación: Alajuela

Fecha del trabajo: Sat, 11 Nov 2023 23:15:05 GMT