Título del trabajo: Change Management Expert Leader For Financial

Compañía: Freebalance

Descripción de funciones: ANTICIPATORY STAFFING OPPORTUNITY**Costa Rica** as a **Change Management Expert Leader for Financial Management (AF) and Human Resources (TH).****Main Responsibilities**:- Report to the Change Management Manager and coordinate matrixed with the Expense Manager.- Lead the change management processes necessary for the implementation of the project.- Diagnose, with a deep focus on change and/or institutional improvement, the scenarios that arise in order to identify root causes and/or risks, as well as propose and execute timely mitigation plans.- Serve as a bridge between the AF and TH team and the work teams of other contractors who are contributing in the cross-cutting components of GoC, AO, and CTD.- Serve as the coordinating point of contact between the AF and TH contractor’s team and the integrator service of GoC, AO and CTD, especially for those inputs that the integrator requires from the Core system in activities that require having a comprehensive and cross-cutting vision for the MH.- Advocate for the needs of end users (i.e. citizens, businesses, other public officials), and contribute to the project by acting as a persuasive advocate for those needs, providing this perspective to MH decision makers.- Participation in meetings established under the project governance model.**Qualifications**:- Professional degree or Bachelor’s degree in areas related to psychology, industrial engineering, management, digital transformation and related fields.- Certified training or Specialization in at least one of these options: (Must submit certification to meet requirement): User experience research, design thinking, service design, change management, or gamification tools management.- Minimum 10 years of professional experience.- Minimum of 3 years of professional experience in at least one of these options (must show proof of such experience): Institutional management or human resources work; organizational development and capacity building, digital transformation, or organizational restructuring.- Experience of at least 3 projects where the role demonstrated was related to change management activities for the implementation of an information system in the public sector.- Experience in at least 1 project where the role performed was as a leader or in charge of coordinating change management efforts for the implementation of an information system in the public sector.- ** Must **have excellent oral and written communication skills in **Spanish and English**.We thank all applicants for their interest.

Ubicación: San José

Fecha del trabajo: Sun, 28 Apr 2024 22:14:12 GMT