Título del trabajo: Anchor Admin

Compañía: Ola Chat Pte Ltd

Descripción de funciones: Need to do live broadcast related work before, such as: live broadcast platform customer service, live broadcast operation, guild operation, or better understanding of the live broadcast market, played live broadcast platform!Job Responsibilities1. Recruit arabic voice live streamers through online and offline channels.2. Responsible for the invitation, interview, evaluation and signing of the anchor.3. Assist in the training, guidance and daily management of the anchor, live broadcast follow-up and payment settlement, etc.4. Responsible for solving the problems encountered by the anchor during the live broadcast, and improving the stability and the live stream rate of the anchor.Job requirements:1?Those with sales experience or channel resources such as campus are preferred.2? Good at making friends, good at communicating with people, and high emotional intelligence 3Passionate about the live broadcast industry3?Language requirements: English**Job Types**: Full-time, Permanent**Salary**: From $800- $ 1500 per month**Salary**: ¢5,000.00 per monthApplication Question(s):- Have you ever done live broadcasting before? For example: live customer service, or play live platform?- Is there a anchor resource? Can you recruit voice anchors?**Language**:- English (required)

Ubicación: San José

Fecha del trabajo: Tue, 12 Mar 2024 23:36:19 GMT