Título del trabajo: Account Manager Noram

Compañía: People Working Corp

Descripción de funciones: Important Client of People Working Corp, dedicated to providing education and certification programs, seeks a person to perform functions such as **Account Manager NORAM.****Requirements**:- Bachelors degree in Management, Economics, International Relations or other related discipline or associates degree and related experience.- Proficiency with Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.- ** Advanced English Language C1**:- Work from Office 100% – San Jose- 2 years of experience in general business (sales, project management, administrations, accounting).- Have a good business sense, strong negotiation skills, and a positive attitude. Work well independently with mínimal supervision.**Key Responsibilities**:- Manage partner accounts in the North America and Caribbean.- Build relationships with existing partners, understanding their needs.- Track partner activities.- Identify and connect with potential partners through various online channels.- Present the business model to potential partners.- Analyze the market for new opportunities and changes.

Ubicación: Alajuela

Fecha del trabajo: Tue, 26 Mar 2024 23:10:20 GMT